God wants you to succeed

Mathew 6:33 NKJV “All these things shall be added to you.”

Some Christians think that God’s sole purpose is to save their soul, help them become as morally upright and as spiritually mature as possible, and one day take them to heaven to live with Him. And in a sense, that is true. But here is what is not true: that God is not interested in your job, your health, your relationships, your finances, or your dreams and goals because somehow those things are carnal, worldly, irrelevant, and temporal. When you think like that, you will have challenges receiving every promise God has for you. That type of thinking contradicts God’s word (3 John 2; Isaiah 48:17; Joshua 1:8). As a matter of fact, the more spiritual you are the more wisdom, favor, and capacity you should have to succeed in life. Spirituality should never be equated with failure or unfulfilled life! Jesus says however, that we should not have our priority messed up (Matthew 6:31-33) in our quest for success but to put God first in every undertaking. This requires renewing our minds with God’s word (Romans 12:2). So, let us be clear: God wants you to succeed in life for the right reasons, and He has provided for you through Christ Jesus everything you need to succeed in life!

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