Your Faith Will Be Tested

Luke 8:25 “And He said unto them, where is your faith?”

Faith is the spiritual force that propels us to trust God to the point of believing and acting on His word. Faith is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6).

However, we live in a world where we face trials that come against our faith on a daily basis. But that’s alright: because a faith that is not tested or tried cannot be trusted! It is the testing of your faith that produces a chance for your confidence and endurance to grow (James 1:3).

Jesus told His disciples that it was time for them and Himself to cross over to the other side of the lake (Luke 8:22). But when a storm came to test their faith in the word that the master spoke to them, they failed the test.  Peter was walking on the water (Matthew 14:29) until his faith in the word of the master inviting him to “come,” was tested.

Your faith will be tested. It is a matter of time. So be prepared!

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